Research Design & Data Analysis Lab Consultants

Research Design & Data Analysis Lab Consultants

Office of Research, Scholarship, and Sponsored Programs

indic   Premananda Indic, Ph.D.
College of Engineering

Machine Learning Consultant
Phone: N/A
Office: RBN 2010 

My research experiences are in the area of advanced biomedical signal processing, time series analysis, biomathematical modeling and machine learning. The primary focus of my research is to identify precursors of life-threatening events from the physiological signals and develop algorithms for the anticipation of life-threatening events.

Regarding machine learning analysis, I can offer consulting for:

  • Time series analysis
  • Analysis of biomedical signals
  • Development of mathematical models
  • Understanding physiological systems
  • Understanding latent variables
  • Simulation and Modeling
  • Hypothesis generation
  • Research design methodology
  • Standard machine learning approaches

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Samantha Estrada  

Samantha Estrada Aguilera, Ph.D.
College of Education & Psychology

Quantitative Research Consultant
Phone: 903.566.6270
Office: BEP 254

My research focus is three-fold: a) applied research on statistics education, b) methodological research, c) collaboration research. Part of my research focuses on the scholarship of teaching and learning statistics at the undergraduate and graduate level. Specifically, I focus on teaching introductory statistics courses, and the concepts of statistical anxiety and self-efficacy in students. Currently, I am focusing on the adjunct instructors who teach the introductory courses in statistics. Further, I also focus on methodological research comparing the methodologies (qualitative or quantitative) for a given problem. Finally, my background is in methodology and statistics thus when collaborating with other researchers that is often the role I take in a project. 

Regarding quantitative analysis, I can offer consulting for:

  • Survey methodology
  • Research design methodology
  • Data management
  • Measurement (Rasch Analysis, Exploratory and Confirmatory Factor Analysis, Reliability)
  • Mixed Methods

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Katherine Stone  

Katherine Stone
School of Medicine Student Affairs 

Qualtrics Consultant 
Phone: 903.877.1451
Email:  |
Office: 119, H Building | Health Science Center

My current research interests include coaching, engagement, and well-being. Specifically, I am interested in the development of young professionals and how policies, practices, and programming can shape and inform holistic wellness. My interest in Qualtrics started in 2016 and has grown steadily the more I experience the platform. I am continuously impressed by Qualtrics’ offerings and remain excited to share my knowledge and expertise with the UT Tyler Community. I may not know the answer right away, but I am confident that we can figure it out together!

Regarding qualtrics approaches, I can offer consulting for:

  • Survey Design
  • Survey Deployment and Data Collection
  • Reporting within Qualtrics
  • Data Analysis within Qualtrics

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Annamary Consalvo  

Annamary Consalvo
School of Education 

Qualitative Consultant 
Phone: 903.565.5576
Office: BEP 212-D

My research interests center on explorations of teachers and students, their talk, writing, learning, and development in settings representing both K-12 and higher education. My work has included, for example, ethnographic studies using discourse analysis of relational aspects of teaching and learning literacy in elementary and high school classrooms; multisite case studies of youth voice and teens’ writerly identity; ways in which deep learning occurred in a second grade classroom; explorations of ways in which sites of social media professional communities can support preservice and inservice teachers; and, ways in which masters seeking students in online classes build communicative efficacy through writing.

Regarding qualitative research, I can offer consultation around questions concerning:

  • Study design
  • Methodological approaches
  • Analytic approaches
  • Theoretical framing 

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