Technology Management

Technology Management

Office of Research, Scholarship, and Sponsored Programs

Inventions result from creating a new and novel technology and their use creates value. UT Tyler assists faculty, students, and entrepreneurs in working together to investigate uses of technology to create new products and opportunities.

UT Tyler promotes commercialization of technology by:

  • Educating, advising and assisting inventors.
  • Evaluating the commercial potential of UT Tyler inventions.
  • Protecting intellectual property.
  • Assisting in the licensing of commercially viable technologies.
  • Communicating commercialization opportunities to investors and industry.

The University of Texas at Tyler assists investigators in ethically and effectively developing and commercializing intellectual property created at UT Tyler, thereby generating income for the university while benefiting researchers, investors, and the community at large.

In the links below, inventors can review UT Tyler’s Intellectual Property Policy, find the answers to basic questions about intellectual property and licensing, and download Intellectual Property forms. For more information on intellectual property, please contact Dr. Anna Kurdowska at

Intellectual Property Resources


For information about international travel with technology see the Export Control Travel webpage.