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Faculty Services

Office of Research and Scholarship

The Office of Research and Scholarship (ORS) is committed to providing the utmost level of support to our experienced research faculty as well as faculty new to research. To that end, the ORS provides the following services to faculty to assist in the grant funding process:

  • Aid in proposal planning and development.
  • Assist in translating ideas into funding.
  • Facilitate partnerships and collaborations with other institutions, funding agencies, foundations, and businesses.
  • Identify funding opportunities.
  • Provide grant forms and guidelines.
  • Provide programmatic, fiscal, and institutional policy information.
  • Obtain and expedite prior approvals.
  • Provide aid in maneuvering through institutional policies.
  • Provide aid in budget development.
  • Provide salary, indirect cost rates, and fringe rates.
  • Review draft budgets.
  • Verify final budgets.
  • Alert PI to possible and potential problems.
  • Provide specialized proposal review services.
  • Process awards.
  • Assist in avoiding post-award problems.
  • Follow-up with agency sponsors.
  • Provide training workshops.
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