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SGA President's Address


My name is Alexander Free and I am your Student Government President for the 2015-2016 school year. It is my absolute honor to be the official voice of over 9,000 students here at UT-Tyler. During my time in SGA, I have served as a Senator, Vice President and now as President. I have always kept the students first and I intend to do that as President as well.

The UT-Tyler SGA is completely dedicated to serving the student body and promoting their needs and ideas to the University administration, faculty and staff. It is important that students understand that SGA is a place where their voice will be heard and that every student will be heard as an equal voice. Every student at UT-Tyler has a voice, it is important to me that they are heard and represented equally.

It is important for UT-Tyler to understand that we are a community. We can accomplish our best goals when the students, the faculty and staff and the administration come together and can work out solutions to the issues that UT-Tyler is facing. That is why the number one priority of my Presidency is to represent the students and to work towards real change and solutions. I promise that I will devote all of my energy to fight on the behalf of you and working to make the University a better place.

Our weekly SGA meetings are held in HPC 2255 at 5 pm. These meetings are open to all members of the UT Tyler community and we hope that you will come to our meetings and learn more about how the democratic process that takes place at our University works. I believe that if we work together, then we will have a better University not only for ourselves, but also for all future Patriots.

Talons Up,

President Alexander N. Free

President Alexander Free
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