For Employees and Students

Social Media Guidelines

For Everyone

All members of the campus community should familiarize themselves with the current university policies including but not limited to:

UT Tyler Copyright policy
UT Tyler Logo and Trademark policy
UT Tyler Image policy

UT Tyler owns and controls its name, logos, seal, images of identifiable properties and landmarks and symbols that have become commonly associated with UT Tyler. Logo usage is not permissible as a profile photo or on a blog unless express permission is granted by the Office of Marketing and Communications. For permissible logos and graphics specific for your social media account, contact

  • Personal accounts should not be linked from UT Tyler official social media profiles.

The rules are constantly changing so it is your responsibility to stay up to date. Obey the terms of use for your social media platform.

Also review the UT Tyler impersonation policy.

Keep in Mind:

  • Think twice before posting items that could reflect negatively on UT Tyler.
  • Be sure that what you put online is factually correct and does not reveal sensitive information.
  • Remember, social media is not private, no matter how strict you are with your privacy settings.
  • If you don't want something seen by the public, keep it off social media.
  • Proof and reproof before you hit the post button. What you are about to post will be associated with your name forever.


As an employee of The University of Texas at Tyler, what we do and say reflects directly back to the university, including our activity on social media. While we like to think our social media accounts remain private, it is hard for others to distinguish the difference between our personal and professional opinions, especially when our personal accounts make reference to our employers.

If you are an employee of The University of Texas at Tyler or provide work for UT Tyler, do not engage in any conversations or post any information regarding student records. Some examples of student records include names, admission status, GPAs, social security numbers and any other information that would be covered by FERPA. If a student requests help, you can direct them to a secure discussion platform.

Protect confidential medical records as specified by HIPAA. Examples of protected information include a individual's past, present or future physical or mental health or condition; the provision of health care to an individual; and past, present or future payment for the provision of health core to an individual.

It is not permissible to use a UT Tyler recognized profile for your own commercial gain or for communications or activities that are purely personal in nature.


All students are bound by the UT Tyler Student Code of Conduct.

Students are to refrain from using the UT Tyler wordmark, UT Tyler logo or Patriots logo as your accounts profile/avatar image. UT Tyler is required by the UT System to control all commercial uses of our trademark. For additional information, see UT Tyler brand information.