Staff Senate Senators

Staff Senate Senators

UT Tyler Staff Senate

District 1
Academic Affairs, Academic Success, Administration, Assessment & Institutional Effectiveness, Athletics, Honors, Internal Audit, Longview University Center, Office of International Programs, Office of Digital Learning, Office of Legal Affairs, Patriot Center, President’s Office, Undergraduate & Online Education, UT Tyler Online

Steve Myers                    Sid Wilson
Senator: Steve Myers
Term Ends: 8/31/2024
  Senator: Sid Wilson
Term Ends: 8/31/2025


District 2
Accountability & Information, Information Technology, Institutional Research, IT Security, Technology Support

Brittany Folden                    Tonya Irwin
Senator: Brittany Folden
Term Ends: 8/31/2024
  Senator: Tonya Irwin
Term Ends: 8/31/2025


District 3
Accounting & Financial Reporting, Budget & Resource Planning, Business Affairs-Academic Enterprise, Financial Services, Human Resources, Procurement Services, Student Business Services

Tina Liston                    Kamell Hawkins
Senator: Tina Liston
Term Ends: 8/31/2024
  Senator: Kamell Hawkins
Term Ends: 8/31/2025

District 4

Admissions, Enrollment Management, Enrollment Services, Financial Aid, Office of the Registrar, Soules College of Business, UT Tyler Online, and College of Engineering

Daniel Cleckler                   Alexia Herrington
Senator: Daniel Cleckler
Term Ends: 8/31/2024
  Senator: Alexia Herrington
Term Ends: 8/31/2025


District 5
Alumni Engagement, Career Success, Community Partnerships/Relations, Copy Center, Cowan Fine Arts Center, Marketing & Communications, Media Productions, University Advancement

Nyree Brockman                    Dawn Dearion
Senator: Nyree Brockman
Term Ends: 8/31/2024
  Senator: Dawn Dearion
Term Ends: 8/31/2025


District 6
Building Maintenance, Environmental Health & Safety, General Operations, Mail Services, Physical Plant, Utilities

Kim Stapp                    Erica Goss
Senator: Kim Stapp
Term Ends: 8/31/2024
  Senator: Erica Goss
Term Ends: 8/31/2025


District 7
College of Arts & Sciences

Alan Lizarraga                    Michelle Gonzalez
Senator: Alan Lizarraga
Term Ends: 8/31/2025
  Senator: Michelle Gonzalez
Term Ends: 8/31/2024


District 8
College of Education & Psychology

Rachaelle McMinn                    Genita Harris
Senator: Rachaelle McMinn
Term Ends: 8/31/2024
  Senator: Genita Harris
Term Ends: 8/31/2025


District 9
College of Engineering

Tyler Armstrong                    Edward Farina
Senator: Tyler Armstrong
Term Ends: 8/31/2024
  Senator: Edward Farina
Term Ends: 8/31/2025

District 10

Fisch College of Pharmacy, Library

Geoff Doepker                     
Senator: Geoff Doepker
Term Ends: 8/31/2025
  Senator: Nicole Gaston
Term Ends: 8/31/2024

District 11

Graduate Admissions, Graduate School, Grant Accounting, Office of Research & Scholarship, Research, Sponsored Programs, University Police

Kasandra Harris                    Amanda Whitt
Senator: Kasandra Harris
Term Ends: 8/31/2024
  Senator: Amanda Whitt
Term Ends: 8/31/2025

District 12

Residence Life, Student Engagement, Student Equity Services, Student Services, Student Success

Robert Smith                    Sam Cockrell
Senator: Robert Smith
Term Ends: 8/31/2024
       Senator: Samantha Cockrell
Term Ends: 8/31/2025


District 13
School of Biomedical Sciences

Kimberly Tutt                     Angela Hukill
Senator: Kim Tutt
Term Ends: 8/31/2024
     Senator: Angela Hukill
Term Ends: 8/31/2025


District 14

School of Health Professions, School of Medicine

Tina Taylor   Michelle Salge
Senator: Tina Taylor
Term Ends: 8/31/2024
                    Senator: Michelle Salge
Term Ends: 8/31/2025


District 15

School of Nursing

Theresa Moore   Kimberly Carrillo
Senator: Theresa Moore
Term Ends: 8/31/2024
                    Senator: Kimberly Carrillo
Term Ends: 8/31/2025

Ex Officio
President, Past-President, and Human Resources Designee

Bruce Bettinger                      Christina Chatman         
President: Bruce Bettinger
Term: 9/1/2023 - 8/31/2024
  Past-President: Christina Chatman
Term: 9/1/2022 - 8/31/2023