UT Tyler Student Counseling Center


Student Counseling Center

Consulting/guidance is provided to assist students, faculty and staff who may be concerned about a student with a personal problem or situation, but are unsure how to help. Client confidentiality prohibits us from providing information about a student, even one whom you may have referred, without the student's written consent.  Counselors may also encourage you to complete a CARE Team report. Due to confidentiality, we are unable to follow up or inform others on campus whether or not a student attended counseling.  A CARE Team report opens up other avenues for assistance and support for students of concern,

If you have concerns about the behavior of a student or would like more information about resources available:

Crisis Support

Classroom and community support is available when unexpected crises occur (such as the death of a student or faculty member). You may wish to invite us into your classroom or organization to provide community support. We can assist you in discussing the tragedy and its impact on your class or organization.