UT Tyler Student Health & Wellness

Campus Assault Response Effort (CARE)

Student Health and Wellness

CARE is a proactive program that includes ongoing education/prevention efforts for students, faculty and staff as well as coordinated intervention efforts in the event of an assault. CARE creates a network of campus and community coordinated partnerships (law enforcement, counseling, legal and medical) for a seamless response for victims of assault.

Faculty/Staff/Student Safety Net

The "Safety Net" program is designed to train faculty, staff, and students on response and referral skills for victims of assault. These trained "Safety Net" members will be known in their departments as a first contact who is a safe and knowledge-based resource on campus. If you are interested in joining this team contact Samantha Dwight for information on upcoming training.

Response Team

At the time that a victim discloses an assault, she/he will be advised of options, rights and services. Some of the options that are available to a victim of assault are:

  • File criminal charges
  • File civil charges
  • File disciplinary charges
  • Report only without charges
  • File as Jane/John Doe
  • Services of a Patient Care Advocate
  • Medical Care
  • Forensic examination by Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner
  • Advocacy for housing or academic arrangements
  • Psychological counseling
  • Seek services elsewhere

To receive services through the CARE program, a student is not required to report to law enforcement. These services will only be implemented at the consent of the victim.

Campus components such as law enforcement, medical and counseling collaborate and work closely with their community counterparts to enhance services for the victim so that the focus remains victim centered. Working through a coordinated community and on-campus team approach allows those affected by sexual violence, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking to receive coordinated, compassionate, confidential, and individualized care.