Creative Fundraising

The Office of International Programs

Creative Fundraising

Fundraising will help to make your study abroad program more affordable. Below are some ideas that have worked for other students:

  • Waive holiday and birthday gifts and request financial gifts or items you need for your program such as luggage or a travel adapter

  • Write a creative letter/email to your relatives asking for financial support in exchange for monthly emails or blog updates while abroad

  • Ask friends to join you in raising money by cleaning cars

  • Collect old/used items and have a sale/sell them online

  • Create an online crowdsourcing account through sites such as

  • Sell baked goods with a sign stating your purpose - if you are creative/artistic, you can try to sell designs too


    • Put away a certain percent of your weekly/monthly income for going abroad

Keep records of who supported you and the amount. Be sure to express your appreciation for their support. Your energy and enthusiasm for an international experience will be contagious!