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Reporting Sexual Harassment or Assault, Discrimination or Student Misconduct

The University of Texas at Tyler

You may report an incident or file a complaint online.

Reporting an Incident

Employees must promptly report sexual harassment complaints and reports of which they become aware. This means that if you are an employee and someone tells you he or she has been sexually harassed, or if you are given or told about a sexual harassment complaint or report, you are obligated to bring this to the attention of the appropriate university officer.

Victims of sexual harassment are not required to report. The university encourages them to come forward, but victims will not be disciplined for failing to report. Students and all other individuals covered by this policy are strongly encouraged to report sexual harassment.

If it is an emergency please call 911 or contact your local police department.

Title IX Coordinators

For more information or to make a complaint regarding sexual harassment, please contact:

Blake Bumbard, STE 339
Title IX Coordinator
Office of Title IX
Phone: 903.565.5760
Email: bbumbard@uttyler.edu

Elizabeth Caulkins, STE 338
Title IX Investigator
Office of Title IX
Phone: 903.566.6189
Email: emcminn@uttyler.edu

David Hill, UC 3320
Title IX Investigator
Residence Life & Judicial Affairs
Phone: 903.566.7028 
Email: dhill@uttyler.edu

Jennifer Waters, Victory Village
Deputy Title IX Coordinator
Residence Life
Phone: 903.566.7380
Email:  jwaters@uttylers.edu 

Gracy Buentello, STE 107
Deputy Title IX Coordinator
Human Resources
Phone:  903.566.7480
Email:  gbuentello@uttyler.edu

James Bonnette, PHE 226
Deputy Title IX Coordinator
Phone:  903.565.5699
Email:  jbonnette@uttyler.edu


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