The University College

UT Tyler’s Undergraduate Studies division provides comprehensive support to the undergraduate community of students, faculty, and staff. Services and support offered to undergraduate students include: Advising, Tutoring, Supplemental Instruction, Success Seminars, 24/7 Online Tutoring, Patriot Principles for Academic Excellence, and specific student population supports such as First-Generation and Foster Care Advocacy. In addition, Undergraduate Studies supports future Patriots through our work with dual credit and collaboratively developing transfer pathways with Texas community colleges.

Undergraduate Studies also serve academic departments offering degree programs as they work to improve student achievement metrics such as strengthening students’ sense of belonging, retention, and, ultimately, graduation rates. These efforts occur through initiatives and support such as first-semester seminars, Academic Success Liaisons, faculty development through the Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning (CETL) and Association of College and University Educators (ACUE) courses, curricular analytics projects, undergraduate curriculum and policies, and more. As part of this work, Undergraduate Studies staff also work closely with other UT Tyler divisions, such as Enrollment Management and Student Success (Student Affairs), to provide wrap-around support, including financial aid and scholarships, to ensure the success of UT Tyler undergraduates.

The Undergraduate Studies division is committed to fulfilling UT Tyler’s mission and vision through our collective values of servant leadership, excellence, accountability, and collaboratively working with all stakeholders (diversity). Specifically, the division of Undergraduate Studies aligns with the Strategic Plan priorities to Enrich the Student Experience, Elevate Economic Opportunity and Social Mobility for Our Students, and Advance Excellence in Teaching, Research, and Healthcare.

Undergraduate Studies staff are honored to serve UT Tyler’s undergraduate students and the faculty and staff that support them.