First Generation Program

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First Generation Program

The college transition can be difficult for students who are the first in their family to obtain a Baccalaureate degree. Jargon, deadlines, academic preparedness, and financial pressures are a few common barriers to academic success. UT Tyler's First-Gen program is dedicated to providing a community of support for first-generation college students through information sharing, advocacy, and connections between students, faculty, and resources. We strive to provide a sense of belonging within our campus community. Join us as we celebrate diversity, promote inclusion, and help you navigate unchartered territory. You are joining a special community. We’re proud of you, and you are not alone!!

 Below are our monthly checklists to help you succeed in your coursework, stay on track in terms of registering for future semesters, financial aid, and other supports, as well as activities to connect to the UT Tyler community.

We have also created the ultimate sourcebook, The UT Tyler College Lingo: A Glossary, with first-generation students in mind! It is a comprehensive and searchable document of all the definitions, offices, resources, contacts, and more that you need to know for your journey here.

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