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Submit for Approval

*** Broken a:27565 new-site: Graduate Apply Now and Send More Info ***The Submit for Approval tool allows users to submit content to an approver for review before the page is published. This tool is used unless the approval process has been change by OU Campus administrators. Sending the page to an approver transfers the checked out status from the current editor to the approver to whom the page is sent.

After making edits to the page, select the "Submit" button above the tool bar.

The Submit for Approval dialog includes the following items:

  • To: Users select an approver from the drop-down to send the content for review.
  • Subject: A brief subject used to help identify the file for review.
  • Message: Users enter a brief description in the text field to help approvers identify the changes that have been made.
  • Send Copy to Email: Sends an email to the approver's external email address in addition to the internal OU Campus message received in the approver's workflow Inbox. Always keep "send copy to email" checked to allow the approver to receive an external email.