Linkcheck Gadget

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The Link Check Gadget is a sidebar gadget provides users a quick and easy way of running a link check on the page they are currently viewing, seeing all of its broken links, then repairing them easily within OU Campus.

  1. When editing a page from the JustEdit editor, click the "Gadgets" icon.
    Gadget Icon
  2. Select the "Link Check", "Find Broken Links" to scan the page for broken links.
    Link Check button
  3. When the search is complete, either a "no broken links" message will display, or a list of broken links will be shown.
    Link Check
  4. Broken links are highlighted on the page, showing which links need to be fixed. Clicking on a broken link in the gadget will reveal detailed information about the link, including the URL, the status code and the status of the page on staging or production.


Sending a Link Check Report

A report can also be sent to another user containing the page's broken link information and a custom message. This option is useful when working with several OU Campus users in one department allowing one user to send this report to another user by clicking the Send Report (mail) icon. Select a user to which to send the report in the To drop-down menu, fill in a message, and then choose whether to send a copy of the message to the user's email address.

Fix links

NOTE: It is the responsibility of each department to keep all links up-to-date and in working order.

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