Reminders Overview

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Two types of reminders are available: scheduled and stale. Reminders can be set on pages, binary files, and assets. Reminder notifications can be sent to a user or a group, and can be sent periodically or on a one-time basis. All user levels can set reminders for content to which they have access and set the reminder notification for themselves or to a group to which they belong.

Scheduled Reminder

A scheduled reminder is used when there is a specific date and time when the reminder message must be sent. An example of a page type that might use a scheduled reminder is a tuition page. If the tuition is updated on a yearly schedule, a reminder may be set for a week prior to the tuition change and set to repeat on a yearly basis, if necessary.

Stale Reminder

 A stale reminder is used to make sure that content is being updated periodically. It is important that users understand how the timer is reset for stale reminders. When a version of a page is created or published, regardless of the type of publish (e.g., page publish, directory publish, site publish, asset update publish, Dependency Manager publish, or revert) the last published date and time is reset and the timer on the stale reminder starts over. In other words, a stale reminder notification is sent based on the date/time stamp of the last publish or version creation, rather than based on a specific calendar date.

Scheduled reminder and stale reminder are available from the Pages list view and the Pages actions view (Properties > Reminders) and both reminder types can be associated with the same page at one time. A reminder can be set even if the content is checked out to another.

Once a reminder has been set, the Reminder icon is shown in blue on the Edit menu in the Pages list view. Set reminders are also shown on the Scheduled Actions report. 

For additional information, see OU Campus Reminders Overview Documentation.