How to Rename a File

OU Campus Training and Support

Please note. For Search Engine purposes, renaming a file is not recommended, unless very careful precaution is made. Please work with the UT Tyler Web Team prior to renaming files.

Pages can periodically end up with the wrong file name. To rename a Web page:

  1. Click on the "Content" tab.
  2. Find the page you wish to rename.
  3. Check out the file you wish to rename.
  4. Mouse of "File", select "Rename".
  5. Rename the new file name in the "Enter new file name box" by typing OVER the previous file name keeping .pcf in place. See Site Architecture and Naming

NOTE: Changing a page name already indexed in your website could potentially cause broken links across the website and in the search engines. ONLY use this option when absolutely necessary (for example, when a page is not using a generic file name, and needs to be re-named for future use - homecoming-2015.php to homecoming.pcf). All pages in OU  Campus are automatically named with lower-case. Attempting to name a page using uppercase will cause an error message.

ALWAYS make sure every link within your site is using Dependency Tags.

For more details, see Renaming documentation.