Recycle and Restore

OU Campus Training and Support


Users with delete access can send files to the recycle bin using the recycle bin button.

Using the recycle function move unused PDF/WORD documents can be accessed by navigating the the "files" folder. Select the files to move to recycle, select the "recycle" button at the top of the page.

 GOOD TO KNOW: Use CAUTION when moving pages to the recycle bin. It is always best to work with the UT Tyler Web Team prior to moving active files/pages to the recycle bin or actively deleting directories. A forward may need to be placed on pages no longer in use to prevent 404 (page not found) errors.


A singular file can be restored from the recycle bin (trash) or multiple files can be restored.

To view the contents of the trash, click the Trash icon.

The trash screen be displayed. The screen can be sorted by file type, name, original location and delete date. The list can also be filtered by date.

 Hover over the menu bar for the file. In the "Options" column, choose "Restore".

ALSO: Using the checkbox to the left of will allow for single or multiple files to be restored.