How to Revert to a Previous Version

OU Campus Training and Standards

The Versions screen includes the ability to revert a page to a previous version, restoring the version in OU Campus.

  1. Navigate to the Versions menu for a page by one of the following:

    Select Content > Pages, then check out the desired file. Hover over the "Review" menu for the file, and select "Versions".
    Open the page in your editor you wish to revert, select the Versions button.

  2. From the Versions screen, hover over the menu bar for the desired version and select Revert.

    Also, a user may  hover over the file and click View to preview that version of the page in preview or source mode.
  3. Select Revert. The success message shows to which version the page has been reverted.
  4. Check out the page to edit or publish the page as necessary.

Remember: After reverting a file, if you wish to publish that copy to the Web, you must publish the file to make it live. Simply reverting the file does not publish the file without your explicit permission. Should the user or individual file require approval, the file will be passed along the intended approval path before it can be published.

It is not good practice to revert a page, then leave it on the server without publishing.


For more details, see Revert Overview documentation.