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Within the WYSIWYG editor, there is a built in spell checker. To check spelling, users will toggle on the spell check button in the toolbar.

Once the spell check is toggled on, misspelled words will stay highlighted until an action is performed to correct the issue. The spell checker within OU Campus will reference the OU Campus custom directory. UT Tyler OU Campus administrators have access to add words to the custom dictionary, along with select UT Tyler OU Campus users.

Spellcheck in OU Campus

Browser Specific Spell Check vs. OU Campus Spell Check

In the WYSIWYG editor, misspelled words can still appear underlined in red indicating a misspelled word, even after they have been added to the dictionary. The reason is many modern browsers have spell-as-you-type or automatic spell-checking capabilities built in. This may lead to confusion as to whether or not a word has been added to the dictionary. To eliminate this problem, it can be helpful to turn off the browser spell-as-you-type function.

For more details, see Spellcheck documentation.