Content, Ownership and Update Schedule

UT Tyler Web Publishing Standards

Content Validity

Web publishers at The University of Texas at Tyler are responsible for the content, files and images within their site. Content must be up-to-date and follow all university policies, styleguide, codes, and federal, state, and local laws.

Content Ownership

Content owners and site owners at UT Tyler are responsible for the accuracy and timeliness of their information on offices, schools, departments and business unit sites and any pages representing UT Tyler. Content owners are responsible for keeping backups off ALL files such as PDF, Word, JPG, etc. along with content on the page. The Web server should never be used to store documents.

Content Owner: The content owner is the primary point of contact for communication and discussion concerning Web content publication and maintenance for the university office, school, department and business unit site and any pages representing UT Tyler. Content owners are responsible for the accuracy and timeliness of the Web-based information along with keeping copies of all files for the website.

Site Owner: The site owner are individual or individuals responsible for making administrative and strategic decisions for the university offices, departments or business unit sites and are responsible for the content owner. Site owner is also responsible for overseeing the the accuracy and timeliness of their information on of the information Web-based information.

UT Tyler Web Team: The UT Tyler Web Team is responsible for administration of the UT Tyler Web server. The Web Team assists with office, department and business site usability and site navigation along with training of university offices and organizations for publishing information to the Web.The Web Team maintains the top-level pages of the university (


Web pages must have current and accurate information, be grammatically correct, free of broken links and free of spelling errors. Web pages should be maintained in a timely manner; outdated pages should be updated with a redirect to the homepage, or removed from the server. Please work with the UT Tyler Web Team for the appropriate way to remove content.

Update Policy

Departments should develop and follow a regular maintenance schedule to periodically update sites and check links. Content should be checked for accurate information, correct grammar spelling errors. Out-of-date content and pages should be updated and/or removed from the server at regularly scheduled intervals, at least at the beginning of each academic semester.

Multiple Content Policy

Do not repeat information maintained elsewhere by the university (another department, school, administrative body). Instead, link to the top-level information or used the assets feature in OU Campus. For example, link to catalog information located at Always AVOID copying content from elsewhere and place on your site. Work with the UT Tyler Web Team to add content currently featured to your site.

Link to Commercial Sites

Official university pages and may not accept sponsorship from commercial entities in exchange for advertising or links to commercial sites. University pages  may not link to commercial sites that advertise/sell products or services.


All links, content and graphics on official department home pages are subject to review by Marketing and Communications and the appropriate school office. Copies of content such as documents, images and text is the responsiblity of the content owner.

Credits such as "Site powered by..." or "Site created by..." are prohibited.

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