Strategic Planning Process

UT Tyler Strategic Planning Process

The University of Texas at Tyler

Following the alignment of UT Tyler and UT Health Science Center at Tyler, UT Tyler is in a primed position to look at the way we serve our students, faculty, staff, and community through a refreshed lens. This is why we have embarked upon a new strategic planning process — where we are seizing new opportunities and identifying new directions that support our teaching, research, and service missions. Read on to learn about the work the Office of Strategic Planning has been doing during this new strategic plan and get ready to share your ideas as we move to the next phase.

Phase 1: Internal Assessment

The Strategic Planning team, in partnership with the Strategic Planning Committee, conducted 22 leadership interviews, fielded a survey to all faculty, staff and students, and prepared an institutional assessment data report. Data collection helps us answer the question of “where we are today?” and this data compiled along with the survey results and leadership interview results create a planning map that will help inform the focused discussions to come in our next phase of planning: identifying and prioritizing the goals and initiatives that will help us achieve our identified priorities.

Phase 2: Strategic Plan Framework

The Strategic Planning team with the partnership and direction of the Strategic Planning Committee, prepared to follow the strategic planning goal structure as seen below. Following the data collection from Phase 1 allowed us to answer the question, "where do we want to be?" After the completion of the University Strategic Plan, the Rise As One plan consists of 5 priorities, 22 Strategic Goals, and 65 Initiatives that fall under and align with the University's Mission and Values. Under each Initiative has the opportunity to use Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) or Projects in order to help track and achieve the overall goal. 

cascade goal structure

Phase 3: Continuous Improvement

Rise As One will be tracked from 2022-2027. Through this time period, "owners" and "co-owners", of each initiative will work towards completing projects and accomplishing KPIs in order to achieve the completion of each Initiative, Strategic Goal, and Priority. The completion of each Initiative, Strategic Goal, and Priority will ultimetly allow the University of Texas at Tyler to continuously strive for excellence and always look for opportunities to improve the university that will positively influence faculty, staff, students, alumni, donors, the community we serve, and the University of Texas System. 

Strategic Planning Committee 

In accordance with UT System Board of Regents Rules on Presidential Duties, and to fulfill SACSCOC requirements, Dr. Calhoun appointed a Strategic Planning Committee charged with overseeing the development and implementation of the institution’s strategic plan and evaluating progress toward achieving the outcomes contained within.

Strategic Planning Committee Membership

  • Ms. Stephanie Fenter, Strategic Planning Chair; Chief of Staff, VP of Strategic Planning
  • Mr. Daniel Deslatte, SVP, COO Health Affairs
  • Ms. Natalie Harms, VP Finance (Interim Appointee) 
  • Ms. Cindy Scott, SVP Human Resources
  • Dr. Amir Mirmiran, EVP, Academic Affairs & Provost
  • Dr. Julie Philley, EVP, Health Affairs
  • Mr. Dwain Morris, EVP, Administration
  • Ms. Ona Tolliver, SVP, Student Success
  • Dr. Archie Tucker, SVP Advancement 
  • Dr. Amentahru Wahlrab, President, Faculty Senate
  • Dr. Bruce Bettinger, President, Staff Senate
  • Ms. Chloe Dix, Student Gov’t Assoc. President

Office of Strategic Planning

  • Ms. Stephanie Fenter, Chief of Staff, VP of Strategic Planning
  • Mr. Jared Squires, Director, Strategic Planning
  • Ms. Kaylin Moore, Strategic Analyst

Please Share Your Ideas

We want to hear from you! If you have an idea for an initiative that supports our strategic direction, please share it with our strategic planning team.