The Southside Bank Million Dollar Hole-In-One

UT Tyler University Advancement

The Southside Bank Patriot Million Dollar Hole-In-One Contest offers amateur golfers age 18 and older the opportunity to compete for a chance to win $1 million. This fun and exciting event held annually at The University of Texas at Tyler benefits scholarships available to current students. Qualifiers also have the opportunity to win a BMW or a $25,000 cash prize.

The event has provided scholarship opportunities for dozens of current and past University of Texas at Tyler students for more than 30 years. To date, The University of Texas at Tyler Patriot Endowed Scholarship foundation has raised over $2 million for deserving students.

We hope you will partner with us and support our Patriot students by becoming a sponsor!

Qualifying Rounds:
Monday, September 11 – Thursday, September 14 from 4-8pm, The University of Texas at Tyler

Public lanes available for walk-ups: $20 for 25 balls or $1 per ball

*Friday, September 15 will be used as a make-up date for inclement weather if needed


Congratulations to the qualifiers from the public lanes to date:

Name Distance to the Pin
Alec Fry        5' 8"
Tracey Mekalip               2' 3"
Paul Hambelton  
Mike Caerley 2' 5"
Jacob Monroe 1' 9"
Amy Roberson  
Edward Gordon  
Craig Schambach  
Zac Etheridge 8' 4"
Jimboux Withaker 6' 7"
Brad Colman 6'
James Lynn 3' 6"
Douglas Chogecky 2' 11"
Eric Berryhill 7' 7"
Tom Standfield 3' 10"
Wade Burton 7' 5"
Ryan Boyce 4' 11"
Caressa Bay 3' 9"
Colm Conneen 6' 6"



Final Round:
Monday, September 18, The Cascades Golf & Country Club


For more information about the event, contact Brittany Childs at or 903.566.7063. For corporate lanes and other sponsorship information, visit our sponsorship page