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UT Tyler Cashiers Office

Tuition & Fees: Purchase Items

To Purchase an Item:

  1. Log in to your myUTTyler account using your user name and password
  2. Click on “Student Home Page”
  3. Click on “Student Center”
  4. Disable Pop-up Blockers. For instructions visit www.uttyler.edu/cashiers/files/Pop-Up-Blocker-Settings.pdf.
  5. In the Finances section, click on the drop down arrow where it says “other financial…”
  6. Select “Purchase Items”
  7. Click on the >> to view the Items to Purchase
    1. Type in the quantity of any item that you would like to purchase.
      1. Click on “Calculate Total,” and confirm your total.
      2. Click on “next" 
    2.  Confirm your order and click on “next”
    3. Click on “Make a Payment”
    4. In the new window/tab, go to “Make Payment” in the top menu
      1. Enter the date you wish for the payment to process (the current date will populate automatically)
      2. Select “Pay by line item”
      3. Select your Purchase Item and confirm the amount is correct.
      4. Click on “Continue”
      5. Select the Payment Method you desire. You can choose one of the following:
        1. Electronic Check to pay from your savings or checking account or
        2. Credit or Debit Card - we accept the following credit cards
          1. American Express
          2. Diners Club
          3. Discover Card
          4. Master Card
          5. Visa
        3.  Any other payment method you have previously saved.
      6. Click on “Continue”
      7. Enter all required fields with an asterisk mark
      8. You may save this payment method by clicking on the box next to “Save this payment method for future use”. You are not required to save this information.
      9. Click “Continue”
      10. Click “Continue” again.
      11. Review the information and click “Submit Payment”
      12. A receipt will be emailed to your Patriot email account
      13. When you are finished paying, click “Log Out”
      14. Close out of your browser for security purposes
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