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Results of 2021 Athletic & Rec Fee Special Referendum

2021 Special Referendum Results 

Fee Increase Proposal Presentations 

Athletic Fee Increase Proposal

Herring Patriot Center (HPC) Proposal

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FAQs About the Proposed Fee Increases

1. What are we voting on?
We are voting on two separate proposed student fee increases: one for Rec Sports and one for Athletics.

2. What is the purpose behind this?
Rec Sports: This proposed fee increase will help fund some much-needed improvements to the Herrington Patriot Center (HPC), exercise equipment, additional Rec Sports programming, and the hiring of an additional professional staff member.

3. Athletics: This proposed fee increase will assist with some of the additional costs incurred with the University’s transition to DII athletics.

4. Who is qualified to vote?
All UT Tyler students will be able to vote via Patriot email.

5. Who will have to pay these proposed fee increases?
All students who currently pay the Rec Sports and Athletics fees will experience the proposed increases.

6. How high are the fees going to increase?
Rec Sports: The Rec Sports fee increase proposal is for a $15/semester increase in Spring 2022 and an additional $15/semester increase in Fall 2022. Overall, this will result in an additional $30 charge per semester from $40 to $70.

7. Athletics: The Athletics fee increase proposal is for a $2/semester credit hour increase in Spring 2022 and an additional $2/semester credit hour increase in Fall 2022. As an example, if you are in 12 hours for Spring 2022, you would pay an additional $48 for the semester as of Fall 2022. The cap will also increase from $240 to $270 in Spring 2022 and $270 to $300 in Fall 2022.  

8. If the fee increases pass, when can we expect to see changes to programming and equipment? Both departments will begin making upgrades in Spring 2022.

9. Will students have input on the use of the fee money?
Yes!  Students can give their input anytime through the Rec Sports App as well as in our end of the year survey!

10. Are students solely responsible for funding the proposed upgrades to our Rec Sports and Athletics programs?
No! In addition to these proposed fee increases, both departments have been tasked with doing some fundraising of their own. Also, some of the revenue from HPC memberships will be allocated to renovations and program improvements.

11. How does this affect The University of Texas at Tyler?
These proposed fee increases will allow us to make sure we are providing the quality of facilities and programming that our students deserve and expect. It will also allow us to make sure we are on par with other DII athletics programs.

12. Who can I contact if I have any further questions?
If you have questions, you can email sga@uttyler.edu.

13. When and where should I vote?
The ballot will be open Monday, November 1st at 12 am through Friday, November 5th at 11:59 pm and you can vote through your Patriot email.