Joseph Vandehey

Joseph Vandehey

Assistant Professor

Phone: 903-565-5839


Joseph Vandehey

Joseph Vandehey

Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Mathematics
Building: RBN 4004
Phone: 903.565.5839


  • Ph.D., Mathematics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2013
  • B.S., Mathematics, University of Oregon, 2008

Postdoctoral Training

  • 2016–2019, Zassenhaus Assistant Professor, The Ohio State University
  • 2013–2016, Postdoctoral Research and Teaching Associate, University of Georgia at Athens


Research areas: Number theory and ergodic theory

Dr. Joseph Vandehey's research focuses on various expansions of numbers, such as continued fractions and beta-expansions. He is especially interested in normal numbers, whose digits behave like a random sequence, and he hopes one day to know how many 7's are in the decimal expansion of pi.

Curriculum Vitae