Facilities Management

The University of Texas at Tyler

Our Mission:

As stewards of the built and natural environments for The University of Texas at Tyler, our mission is to program, plan, construct, operate, and maintain safe, secure, compliant, and contemporary environments to provide our students, faculty, and staff the opportunity to advance education and research, and to create the next generation of leaders. 


UT Tyler Arbor Day was held on campus Saturday, February 15. More than 250 faculty, staff, students and community members joined together to plant 50 trees on campus. Several community and student organizations showed their support of Arbor Day by sharing educational information and the benefits of tree planting.

Arbor Day

Thank you to the following organizations for their in kind Arbor Day donations: 

tyler trees     envirocare   jemasco Texas A&M
plants of texas     sodexo texas organic  crc


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