Message from the President of the Faculty Senate

The University of Texas at Tyler

Good morning! 

On behalf of the Faculty Senate leaders, I welcome you to the start of the 2022-2023 academic year. We look forward, with great anticipation, to an exciting year.

A big hand of fellowship to the immediate past president of the Faculty Senate, Dr. Sarah Sass. Navigating through the COVID-19 pandemic and the merger, Dr. Sass modeled what it means to be an Agile Leader in Rocky Times. Her collaborative, adaptive and responsive approach to shared governance is worth emulating. We are much beholden to her.

With the re-alignment of UT Tyler, came the much acclaimed R2 re-classification status which recognizes our commitment to generating and preserving knowledge. As we seek to strengthen, sustain, and even extend beyond R2, an important priority for faculty senate leadership this year will be to work collaboratively with the administration to clarify what is expected from us all – students, staff and faculty and the administration as well. 

A second priority is a joint commitment to wellness. With an increased realization that our success is pivoted on health and wellness,  a group  of  student, staff, and faculty leaders came together to form the WELLNESS COLLABORATIVE, which is in the process of being formalized into an official University Wellness Committee. The commitment is to: 

support, amplify, network, and promote existing wellness projects on all our campuses 
identify gaps in service and support and find ways to fill them. 
We invite all members of our expanded UT Tyler family to embrace physical and mental health and general well-being as priorities in every area of our community—in our classrooms, in our labs, in our clinics, in our offices,  on our hallways, athletic arenas, and any other gathering places for  students, staff, and faculty. To these ends, we have launched the “Wellness Wednesdays” which started during the welcome week with an “All Things Wellness” fair. Please, keep an eye on your email box for subsequent events coming from Kim Livingston-Cobb, Dr. Cathy Ross or Dr. Belinda Deal. 

Finally, I would like to leave you with two things We must Remember – my humble propositions:

1.      As we look forward to the official promulgation of the new strategic plan by President Calhoun, We Must Remember that we are at the Dawn of a New Era – that means we, as well respected partners with a substantial role in fulfilling the university’s mission, are called to stand at a place between the No Longer and the Not Yet; to intentionally think -  think critically and creatively on how to fulfill our new mission that will be unveiled soon! Think how to bind, forge, move and create, create something more profound and beautiful than what we have today!

2.      We Must Remember; that how far we hope to go with this will depend largely on the degree to which We Care for One-another; especially for those subjected to us. In the words of George Washington, that may include being: 

“Tender to the Young; 

Compassionate to the Aged;

Sympathetic, rather Empathetic to the Striving and

Tolerant to the Weak and yes, even the Strong!    


Dear friends, these will make us truly Visible; these will make us Authentic; These will make us Human and yes, that is who we are!”

We commit to represent faculty more effectively through enhanced communication, but we must allow patience to inform the process as we seek solutions for issues that concern us. May we continue to engage with regards, respect and kindness. 

May the Good Lord Continue to Let His Glorious Face Shine upon us and Guide us all throughout 2022-2023!  


Harrison Ndetan

President, Faculty Senate