The University of Texas at Tyler Residence Life

On-Campus Housing and Dining


UT Tyler is home to more than 1,700 resident students who live in Ornelas Hall, Patriot Village, University Pines, Liberty Landing or Victory Village.

Located on campus, all five housing facilities are conveniently a few minutes' walk from your classes, the library, student center and recreational facilities. Each housing facility is designed especially with UT Tyler students in mind and offers first-class living arrangements. Students interested in living on campus are encouraged to apply early.

UT Tyler Residence Life takes each student's safety very seriously and provides staff members on call 24 hours a day. In addition, university police patrol the buildings multiple times day and night.

Students who have completed fewer than 60 credit hours at any junior college or university, including UT Tyler, are required to live on campus if facilities are available. AP credit, credit-by-exam tests, and dual credit earned while in high school do not count toward this total. The University is entitled to check the student's criminal history record and will notify the student if this information is used to deny them housing (Texas Government Code, Section 411.094).

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Fall 2021 Housing is very limited!

Applications received after 5/15/2021 may not be guaranteed an assignment!

Please note that University Pines does have space available and does satisfy the Residency Policy campus housing requirement.


 Important Summer 2021 Dates

Short Summer move-in will be staggered due to maintenance and cleaning schedule. We will contact students as the rooms are made available.

May 9th Short Summer Move-In (only those contacted by Residence Life staff)
  10th Short Summer May 10th - May 28th
  29th Short Summer Move-Out (if not attending Summer I or Summer II)
  30th Summer I Move-In (if not already in residence)
June 1st Summer I June 1st - July 3rd
July 3rd Summer I Move-Out (if not attending Summer II)
  4th Summer II Move-In (if not already in residence)
  5th Summer II July 5th - August 7th
August 7th Summer II Move-Out (if not attending for Fall 2021, or part of Nursing)
May - Aug. 5/10 - 8/14

Summer Nursing (Short Summer, Summer I and Summer II) (move-in as notified, move-out 8/15, unless attending Fall 2021)













Fall-Spring 2021-22 Housing Application Open Timeline: Apply Here

10 AM   January 15, 2021 Returning UT Tyler Student Residents to Retain Current Housing Assignment 
10 AM January 22, 2021 Returning UT Tyler & University Pines Student Residents to Select New Housing Assignment
10 AM February 1, 2021  New/Transfer UT Tyler students to Select Housing Assignment



Student move-in begins the Thursday before start of class each semester. 


Summer 2021 Housing Application Information: Apply Here

10 AM   March 15, 2021  Summer 2021 Housing Contract Open 
    Summer housing will be available at Liberty Landing in buildings 3-10 only. Spring 2021 residents, who
    will be staying for Summer, will remain in current assignment until Summer move begins.
    Assignments will be made by the Residence Life office mid-late April, 2021



For meal plan information, click here or visit Sodexo's website