Residency Policy

Residency Policy


Students who have completed fewer than 60 credit hours at any Junior College or University, including UT Tyler, are required to live in campus housing if facilities are available. AP/Dual credit or credit-by-exam tests do not count toward this total.

Students who are required to live in campus housing must reside at University Pines, or one of 4 UT Tyler owned properties (Ornelas Residence Hall, Patriot Village, Liberty Landing or Victory Village upperclassmen only). These are the only facilities that satisfy the Residency requirement. Exceptions may be made for students who meet 1 or more of the approved waiver requirements. A waiver request must be submitted through the Housing portal of students myUTTyler student account. 

A waiver will be granted for the following reasons:

  • Students who currently live within 50 miles of Tyler with a parent or legal guardian (as evidenced by a current tax return).
  • Students who are married.
  • Students who are 21 or over or will be before the 12th class day.
  • Students who are enlisted, active duty or veterans with documentation.
  • Students with a medical disability that cannot be accommodated on campus.
  • Students with custody of a child and who can provide the housing department with an original birth certificate of the child or custody documentation.
  • Students who are enrolled for eight or fewer semester credit hours during the fall and/or spring semesters.

Students who meet one of the exemptions listed above and who wish to live off campus must submit a request through the Housing portal for a waiver to the policy. Housing & Residence Life must approve the waiver, even if it is a waiver for which the student automatically qualifies. If a student does not meet the criteria for the Housing Waiver, and does not apply for housing, the student will be assessed charges for lowest cost housing and meal plan.

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