Classroom Observations for Teaching and Learning

Classroom Consultations and Observations of Teaching

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

Request a Consultation or Observation

Instructors at The University of Texas at Tyler are encouraged to talk with members of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning. Instructors may request a confidential consultation to address their specific needs in regards to teaching and learning such as course goals, syllabus design, assessment, student engagement or other issues that are of concern.

Furthermore, in order to provide feedback on teaching practices and suggest ways to improve those practices, if appropriate, we offer faculty members the opportunity for classroom observations. Those observations would take place by members who have been publicly recognized for excellence in teaching.

Any information gathered through the consultation or classroom observation process is confidential and will not be used for any purpose other than enhancement of teaching: all information stays between the observer and the teacher being observed.

If other resources are needed such as technology or library support, we will set up meetings with the appropriate individuals.

Please give the CETL members one to two weeks’ notice to accommodate your request.