Family Association Fledge Scholarship (FAFS)

Family Association Fledge Scholarship (FAFS)

Parent and Family Programs

The Family Association Fledge Scholarship (FAFS) was created by Parent and Family Programs to pursue our mission of supporting Patriots and their families from orientation to graduation. The FAFS is an exclusive scholarship that is awarded to our most dedicated Patriot families. By joining UT Tyler’s Family Association, these Patriot families demonstrate their long-term dedication to UT Tyler and their student’s education and promising future. The FAFS is solely funded through donations made by fellow family members, alumni, community members, students and more. Each year the FAFS Awarding Committee will awards any and all funds to one or more students depending on the amount of donations received throughout the previous school year. Parent and Family Programs prides itself in the accessibility of the FAFS as it is one of the less demanding scholarships available to UT Tyler students.

To be eligible, a student must:

  • Have a family member in the UT Tyler Family Association (paid memberships only)
  • Have at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA
  • Received 30 credit hours from UT Tyler. One Year Family Association members’ students will become eligible after their membership term. Four Year Family Association members’ students will become eligible in their second year of their term.
  • Plan to graduate from UT Tyler

How to Apply

Students can apply to the FAFS through the UT Tyler scholarship general application. Parents cannot apply for any scholarships, including the FAFS.

About the Name

All eagles, like UT Tyler’s Patriots, go through many stages of life. Arguably the most remarkable stage is that of a fledgling. An eagle becomes a fledgling when they develop their first coat of feathers and are able to start venturing outside of their nest. At the fledge stage, the young eagle is learning to survive without its parents. Having not yet reached adulthood, their feathers are soft and scarce in a way that distinguishes them from adults. This scholarship is representative of the feathers, or resources, a Patriot acquires during their fledge stage of life. The FAFS allows students of UT Tyler’s Family Association to obtain their feathers and fly out of their nest into adulthood.

How to Donate

Any and all donations made to the FAFS will have a lasting positive impact for all recipients by helping them attain the resources needed to fulfill the educational demands necessary for their success. Donors will be recognized at the Spring Leadership and Service Awards hosted by the office of Leadership and Service and on the donation website found below if they chose to self-disclose.

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