UT Tyler

Ben and Maytee Fisch College of Pharmacy

Students Entering Fall 2019 - Pharm.D. Class of 2023

Step A: Accepting Provisional Admission

  1. Review the Follow-Up Provisional Admission letter emailed to you by the Office of Student Affairs.
  2. Review Professional Technical Standards for Admission, Matriculation and Graduation - Students concerned about their ability to meet these requirements should contact the UT Tyler Office of Accessibility and Resources and/or the College of Pharmacy Office of Student Affairs.
  3. Accept the Offer of Provisional Admission by signing the Follow-Up Provisional Admission letter and emailing it to PharmacyAdmissions@uttyler.edu
  4. Activate your My Patriot Account, UT Tyler Email account. A follow-up email will be sent within one week of receiving your Provisional Admissions email with directions on how to activate these accounts. 
  5. Submit College of Pharmacy Seat Deposit via myUTTyler.

Step B: Moving from Provisional Admission to Full Admission

  1. Criminal Background Check and Urine Drug Screens (by date given by Office of Student Affairs)PharmCAS will send an email with information regarding the criminal background check and urine drug screening information. The company that is working with PharmCAS is called Certiphi (https://www.certiphi.com/). In the instructions from PharmCAS, you will sign up for these screenings and arrange for a location for the urine test. Both the background checks and the urine drug screen should be completed bu the deadline assigned by the Office of Student Affairs since both of these may take up to 14 days to process.
  2. Complete all remaining prerequisite courses (by the end of spring semester 2019)- All remaining prerequisite courses must be completed by the end of spring with a grade of "C" or higher. Official transcripts for spring 2019 and for any summer courses should be submitted to the College of Pharmacy Office of Student Affairs.
  3. Completion or Adequate Progress for Texas Core Curriculum (by end of Summer 2020) - All students who do not have a prior Bachelor's degree must complete the Texas Core Curriculum. The College of Pharmacy allows up to 12 semester credit hours (specific categories only) to be completed during Summer 1 and Summer 2 of the Pharm.D. program.

Step C: Preparing for Fall 2019

  1. Review Tuition & Fees, Financial Aid and Scholarship Information
  2. Contact Housing Options - UT Tyler Housing
  3. International Students
      • (F/J Visas) - International students with a F/J visa will be contacted by the Office of International Programs when either provisionally or fully admitted into the program 
      • ALL International students will need to be eligible to work within the US and will need a social security number in order to apply for a Texas State Board of Pharmacy Intern/Intern-Trainee. Non-citizens can request a social security number (SSN) by following the attached instructions.
  4. Submit FAFSA to UT Tyler for Financial Aid consideration (target date before April 1) - On the FAFSA, please indicate that information should be sent to The University of Texas at Tyler, Code 011163. Students should submit the FAFSA before March 15 OR as soon as possible after this date. Students should also contact and complete the Financial Aid Checklist (if indicated on your My Patriot Account). Questions regarding financial aid can be answered by contacting Enrollment Services at 903.566.7180. Be sure to identify yourself as an ADMITTED pharmacy student with questions on GRADUATE/PROFESSIONAL LEVEL financial aid questions. Information regarding financial aid is typically sent to a student's UT Tyler email account vs. a non-UT Tyler email address.
  5. Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination (by Aug. 1) - All students YOUNGER than 22 years of age will need to submit proof of meningitis vaccination to PharmacyAdmissions@uttyler.edu.
  6. Health Insurance & Immunizations - Students should review their current vaccination documents and identify any missing vaccinations and/or screenings. Documents may be emailed to PharmacyAdmissions@uttyler.edu to be reviewed. Immunizations should be started prior to orientation if at all possible. Immunizations and proof of health insurance is required by Week 6 of the program.

Step D: Complete PRIOR to Orientation

  1. No need to register for classes - The College of Pharmacy Office of Student Affairs will register you for classes in late July. Please do not enroll yourself in Pharm.D. courses.
  2. Pharmacy Intern License Trainee status - The paperwork for the Pharmacy Intern License Trainee paperwork will be completed during orientation. You will not be able to submit paperwork ahead of time. You will need to bring a copy of your Social Security Card to orientation for this paperwork. Please note that in Texas, when you are licensed as a "pharmacy intern trainee" in the first year of pharmacy school, this ONLY covers you for college of pharmacy activities. This will NOT allow you to work in a pharmacy as an employee. A student is eligible to work as a pharmacy intern after semester two of the program. Until that license is in effect, if a student wants to work in a pharmacy during the first year of school, they will need to register as a pharmacy technician trainee or pharmacy technician.
  3. Technology Requirements for Orientation/Program (needed for Orientation) - A mobile computer or device with wireless internet access, word processing capabilities, and ability to access UT Tyler course management system and the College of Pharmacy examination software (ExamSoft) is required. Recommendations and minimum requirements are provided in the link above. Computer and Software Discounts are available for UT Tyler students, faculty, and staff. Thayer Merritt, IT Coordinator II for the College of Pharmacy, can be reached for any specific computer questions or assistance at tmerritt@uttyler.edu.
  4. Review Important Financial Aid Information - Financial Aid "To Do" list and "Awards"
  5. Review Important Tuition and Fee Information

Step E: Attend First Professional Year Orientation

  • Class of 2023 orientation is August 19, 2019 through August 23, 2019
  • First day of class for the class of 2023 is August 26, 2019
  • Dress is business casual unless specified on the orientation schedule.
  • Additional information will be sent prior to orientation.

Step F: Attend First Year Classes


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