Communication Sciences and Disorders

Communication Sciences and Disorders

Expand your career horizons with an affordable, UT caliber bachelor’s degree in communication sciences and disorders (CSD) from UT Tyler. Housed within the School of Health Professions, our pre-professional degree program is the first step towards a lucrative career in speech-language pathology (SLP) or audiology.

A CSD major leads to exciting career opportunities in various settings including hospitals and rehabilitation agencies, public schools, college clinics, private practice and more. SLP and audiology careers both have been consistently ranked among the top 25 careers by US News & World Report. Speech-language pathology was ranked No. 8 with a median salary of $77,520 (2020).

Meet a Professor

Dr. Ahmed M. Abdelal

Associate Professor of Communication Sciences & Disorders

Program Director

Dr. Abdelal brings extensive expertise in both the clinical and academic aspects of speech-language pathology. His research interests include the diagnosis and treatment of communication disorders in the pediatric population.


Language and the Brain

Explore the basics of human brain structure and function related to speech/language processing.

Principles of Audiology

Study the causes of hearing disorders as well as relevant diagnostic procedures and treatment.

Speech Science

Learn the fundamentals of speech and hearing function and how speech is produced and processed.

Communication Studies

Examine the theory and practice related to the dynamics of human communication.

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