Economics Degree

UT Tyler Economics Division

Department of Social Sciences

The economics division in The University of Texas at Tyler Department of Social Sciences offers the economics bachelor of arts/bachelor of science degree, preparing students for successful careers in the financial world.

UT Tyler students in the economics BA/BS degree program examine the methods by which goods and services are allocated and incomes are generated, and why prices, employment, money and financial markets behave as they do.

As a UT Tyler economics graduate you will possess a working knowledge of the quantitative and analytical tools that comprise the economist's tool kit and the ability to apply them and effectively communicate their findings.

Graduates of the program also are equipped with:

  • The knowledge and skills to analyze microeconomic models that explain consumer and firm behavior.
  • An understanding of the relationship between macroeconomic variables and the behavior of individual consumers and firms.
  • Knowledge of the economic consequences of various shocks, including government intervention in the private market economy, and a historical perspective on the evolving role and scope of government in the economy.

The division also offers courses leading to a minor in economics.