UT Tyler Honor Code

UT Tyler Honor Code

Center for Ethics

"An honorable man, impoverished though he may be in talent, cannot fail to attain success and high standing in the eyes of the world. A dishonorable man, though he is possessed of a multitude of abilities, cannot hope to escape for long the condemnation of his fellow men.''

–Robert Wood

The University of Texas at Tyler is committed to providing a setting for free inquiry, excellent teaching, research, artistic performances and professional public service. As a community of scholars, the university develops each individual's critical thinking skills, appreciation of the arts, humanities and sciences, international understanding for participation in the global society, professional knowledge and skills to enhance economic productivity, and commitment to lifelong learnings.

Such a commitment to a preeminent place in higher education also requires the ethical development of the entire UT Tyler community: students, faculty members, staff members and administrators. The UT Tyler Honor Code is crucial to these ideals. The Honor Code is the means through which to apply the ethical ideal of honorable living to the lives of the UT Tyler community. Therefore, every member of the UT Tyler community joins together in saying:

I embrace honor and integrity. Therefore, I choose not to lie, cheat, or steal, nor to accept the actions of those who do.

The purpose of the UT Tyler Honor Code is to foster a commitment to honorable living, and to exhort its community members (students, staff, faculty and administrators) to adhere not simply to the minimum standard, but to transcend the letter of the code by committing to broader ideals consistent with the spirit of the Code. The honor code has many advantages which serve to promote a relationship of trust and respect across the entire UT Tyler community. The Honor Code strives to achieve this relationship through the following goals:

a. To assist the UT Tyler community in developing an understanding of the importance of integrity.

b. To enable the UT Tyler community to learn and practice ethical principles.

c. To instill in the UT Tyler community a strong desire to maintain honor in accordance with the Code.

d. To promote a level of commitment in the UT Tyler community to honorable conduct necessary to meet the ethical challenges faced throughout a lifetime of service to the global community.

e. To enable the UT Tyler community to develop essential leadership skills necessary to establish an ethical climate within their organizations.

f. To encourage members of the UT Tyler community to embrace the spirit of the honor code in their lives rather than merely verbalize endorsement.

g. To affirm that members of the UT Tyler community will not be disadvantaged for having done his or her own work while others have violated the honor code.

Educating students to take their place in the world engenders a serious responsibility for any educational institution. The University of Texas at Tyler recognizes that the future decisions made by these citizens must be grounded in ethics as well as in academic knowledge if these decisions will protect and benefit society.

For these reasons The University of Texas at Tyler takes a proactive stand and adopts an honor code throughout the campus so that students may be equipped with an ethical framework for their future lives.


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