CSSR Staff


Dr. Thomas Guderjan

Director, Center for Social Science Research

Chair, Department of Social Sciences

Dr. Guderjan is Chairman of the Department of Social Sciences and Professor at the University of Texas at Tyler, the President of the Maya Research Program, and Director of the Blue Creek Archaeological Project. He has 30 years of field experience in Belize. His current research deals with archaeological landscapes in northwest Belize and ancient wetland and other agricultural systems.


Dr. Kelley Snowden

Research Associate/Community Liaison

Center for Social Science Research


Kelley Snowden is a research associate with the Center for Social Science Research and adjunct faculty in the Department of Social Sciences. Her research areas include both historical geography and history of cartography, focusing on North America. She received her PhD. in geography from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She has been working with photovoice as tool to engage communities and promote community action since 2011 beginning with her work Overton, Texas. She has also used photovoice as a tool to examine how individuals dialog with their environment through faith and identify sacred spaces. These studies led to her using photovoice to capture memories associated with specific locations, helping to bridge the gap between oral history and place making, contributing to a community’s authentic identity and sense of place.