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Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Office of Research and Technology Transfer

The purpose of the UT Tyler IRB is to review research proposals that involves human beings before the research is initiated in order to facilitate ethically-conducted research for the protection of human subjects. Proposals are reviewed based on the ethical principles outlined in the Belmont Report: beneficence, justice, and respect for persons. The principles are reflected as standards of practice in the Code of Federal Regulations established by the Department of Health and Human Resources, Title 45.

Office of Human Research Protection Information


Training Modules: Protection of Human Subjects in Research

IMPORTANT: All PIs and Co-Investigators must complete the following on-line training modules before any IRB submissions are approved.

Module 1: Historical and Ethical Issues

Module 2: The Basics

Module 3: Vulnerable Research Populations

Module 4: Informed Consent

Module 5: HIPAA

Module 6: IRB Review

Module 7: Ongoing Protections Post IRB Approval

Module 8: International Research IRB Approval


IRB Handbook

Handbook Table of Contents Policies

Responsibility and Scope of the UT Tyler IRB 
Responsibilities of the Principal Investigator 
Types of Reviews by the UT Tyler IRB 
Decisions of IRB Reviews 
Submissions of Proposals 
Procedures for Investigating and Reporting Incidents of Research Misconduct and Non-Compliance 
Suspension/Termination of Investigations 
Unanticipated Problems or Adverse Event/Death 
Policy on Management of Human Subject Complaints and Assurance of Confidentiality 
Informed Consent 
HIPPA Privacy Rule Policy in Research 
UT Tyler HIPAA Requirements 
Policy on Protection of Pregnant Women, Human Fetuses and Neonates in Research 
Protection of Prisoners in Research 
Policy on Informed Consent of Children 
Protection of Children involved in Research 
Compliance and Monitoring 
Unaffiliated Investigator Agreement 
External Reviews Conducted by the University of Texas at Tyler Institutional Review Board 
The University of Texas at Tyler Institutional Review Board Review of IRB Policies, procedures and Forms 
Policy on Student Course-Related Research Projects 

Information for IRB Members

General Information for IRB Members 
IRB Member Agreement 
Streamlining IRB Meetings: What You Can Do? 
IRB Links to Forms 

Download: PDF

IRB Forms

Please contact the IRB Chair, Dr. Gloria Duke, with any questions regarding which form to submit.


2015-16 IRB Members

  • Gloria Duke, PhD, Chair, Nursing
  • Leonard Brown, PhD, Computer Science
  • Danita Alfred, PhD,  Nursing
  • Randall Ator (external member)
  • Dennis Combs, PhD,  Psychology
  • Carla Reichard, PhD, ORTT
  • David Strong, PhD, Literature & Languages
  • Andrew Schmitt, PhD, Psychology
  • Justin Velten, PhD, Communication
  • Rauf Arif, PhD, Communication
  • Wesley Hickey, PhD, College of Education & Psychology
  • David Pearson, PhD, College of Pharmacy
  • Richard Helfers, PhD College of Arts and Sciences