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Proposal Development Resources

Office of Research and Scholarship

The Office of Research and Technology Transfer is committed to helping faculty prepare the best possible proposal. Thus, we have compiled this listing of advice, tips and guidelines to aid in the process. Use the following links to view the guidelines for your specific agency.

General Guidance for Writing Every Section of a Research Proposal

Nonprofit Guides

Nonprofit guides are free Web-based grant-writing tools for nonprofit organizations, charitable, educational, public organizations and other community-minded groups. The guides are designed to assist established US-based nonprofits through the grant-writing process.

Non-profit Guides

Guide for Writing a Funding Proposal – Michigan State University

Great informational resource and tutorial from Michigan State University for writing grant applications.

Guide for Writing a Funding Proposal


Facts for Proposals


UT Tyler subscribes to Pivot, an online tool that helps faculty find grant opportunities. In order to create a Pivot account:

  1. IP Access: From any on-campus computer, UT Tyler faculty and staff can go right to https://pivot.proquest.com. UT Tyler's IP addresses are recognized by Pivot, which will allow the immediate creation of a valid Pivot ID.
  2. Username and Password: Once a Pivot ID is created, all users can log in at https://pivot.proquest.com with a Pivot username and password anytime, anywhere. Logging in this way will take the user to his or her Pivot homepage. From their homepage, users can manage active or tracked funding opportunities, saved searches, shared opportunities, etc., and start searching for funding or scholars. Username and password access is necessary when
    1. a user is outside your IP range, or
    2. when a user needs to save a funding record or funding search.

Pivot has a series of training videos that are available for viewing at: https://www.youtube.com/user/ProQuestPivot

UT Tyler faculty and staff can modify their Pivot profiles, set up email reminders for funding opportunities, etc.

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