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Money Network (Discontinued)

ATTENTION:  All Returning Students - Changes Regarding Your Refund Preference

Effective January 1, 2019, your existing refund preference (P2 card and ACH) will no longer be valid.  

If you had your refund going to the silver stripe of your P2 card(student ID), it is very important to read the following information:

  • After December 31, 2018, UT Tyler and you will not be able to load any further funds on your P2 card.
  • After December 31, 2018, if applicable, you should stop any direct deposits you have scheduled to your P2 card.
  • Prior to February 1, 2019, if applicable, you should change any automatic payments off of your P2 card.
  • Prior to February 28, 2019, if you have funds on your P2 card, they should be spent.
  • After February 28, 2019, if any funds in excess of $1.00 remain on your P2 card, you will be sent the balance by check to the address associated with the card.
  • If the address associated with your P2 card has changed, you will want to contact Money Network Customer Service right away at 800.822.4283 to provide a current address.
  • Any checks that are not cashed will be treated as unclaimed property.

Effective Spring 2019, UT Tyler has partnered with BankMobile to deliver your financial aid refunds.  All new and returning students must choose your refund preference.  Choose your refund preference today.