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Student Government Association

The University of Texas at Tyler

The Student Government Association serves as a recognized forum for student opinion at The University of Texas at Tyler.

Comprised of all students enrolled at UT Tyler, SGA assists the university in identifying -- and communicating to the university community -- the interests, programs and goals of the majority of students. The association also assists in providing students with programs to meet their needs.

The student body elects SGA officers and representatives annually. In addition, UT Tyler students have opportunities to participate in SGA by serving on one or more standing committees including Student Life, Communications and Rules committees. Any student may join a committee by speaking to the committee chair.

Through SGA, students also serve on university committees. The association maintains student seats on several university committees, including on the Academic Affairs Committee, Student Affairs Advisory Committee and Arts and Performance Complex Advisory Committee. To serve on a university committee, contact SGA via

Students have ideas (such as programs, services, initiatives, events, etc.), concerns (parking, costs, food, etc.), or suggestions that should be shared with one another. SGA is the organization that can assist in each of those areas.  You do not have to be a senator or officer to share this information. Contact any member of SGA to let your voice be heard!   

Our General Assembly meeting day/ time for the 2022-2023 school year is Thursday at 5:30pm.
Meeting ID: 985 9460 5775
For the passcode, please visit Engage. If you are not a member of the UT Tyler community, please email for the passcode.