Site Architecture and Naming Guidelines

UT Tyler Web Publishing Standards

Site navigation for each department including directory structure and page set-up, left-side menu bar and SEO is initially set up by the UT Tyler Web team. The Web team continues to monitor and approve all updates.

New content should be built within the department it belongs. 

Directory Naming Guidelines


  • YES:
  • NO:

To continue a cohesive website structure, top-level domain names are reserved for new departments such as 

To request assistance with site architecture, email

File Naming Guidelines

For future pages and directories, follow these rules:

  • Avoid using acronyms when possible
  • No spaces, capitals or underscores, separate words with hyphen
  • Use full words, (one, two or three)
  • Do not repeat a word already in the full URL
  • URL must be typed in with lower case

It is NOT necessary to re-name any current pages, as this will cause issues with pages currently listed in Google. Remember, URLs are case sensitive. A webpage cannot be named using upper case letters, and will not display if typed in with upper case letters.

Example 1

  • YES:
  • NO: Degr.php

Example 2

  • YES:
  • NO:

Example 3

  • YES:
  • NO:

Ask yourself what kind of information the user expects to find behind a given link.

A link label should match the title of the page to which the link leads. For example, when a user clicks on the "campus-events" link, they should be directed to a page titled "Campus Events."

  • Always use call-to-action text links. AVOID graphic buttons.
  • Using these naming conventions and call-to-action text links will assist Google and other search engines with indexing your pages. The visitor can also navigate easily through your site.
  • Please AVOID using graphics or buttons as your only source for a link on a page. (See call-to-action text links.)

IMPORTANT: Please work with the UT Tyler Web team before moving a file or directory. Moving content could effect important links on the UT Tyler Web server and search engine optimization.

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