UT Tyler Web Publishing Standards

Site Architecture and Naming Guidelines

Site navigation for each department including initial directory and page set-up, left-side menu bar and SEO is typically set up and monitored by the UT Tyler Web team.

New content should be built within the department it belongs. This includes new degrees, a sub-departments within a department, etc.


  • YES: www.uttyler.edu/department/newsection
  • NO: www.uttyler.edu/newsection

To continue a cohesive website structure, top-level domain names are reserved for brand new departments (such as uttyler.edu/pharmacy).

(There are a few sites grandfathered in. All new content should continue to follow the directory structure for their department as mentioned above.)

To request assistance with site architecture, email web@uttyler.edu.

Naming Files

Example 1

  • Use lowercase lettering only. Hyphens should be used used to separate words. No spaces, capitals or underscores. Users will receive an error when attempting to create a file with capital letters or spaces.

    • YES: http://www.uttyler.edu/academics/graduate/business-degree.php
  • For search engine usage, it is best to use full words, no parts of words. However, keep it to a minimum. Please do not repeat word already in the full URL.
    • NO: http://www.uttyler.edu/Acad/Grad/Bus_Adm Degr.php

Example 2

  • YES: http://www.uttyler.edu/compliance/committee.php
  • NO: http://www.uttyler.edu/compliance/com.php

Example 3

  • YES: http://www.uttyler.edu/compliance/budget-training.php
  • NO: http://www.uttyler.edu/compliance/uttyler-budget-training.php

Example 4

  • YES: http://www.uttyler.edu/nursing/files/syllabi-policy.pdf
  • NO: http://www.uttyler.edu/nursing/Syl Policy 2014draft.pdf

Ask yourself what kind of information the user expects to find behind a given link. A link label should match the title of the page to which the link leads. For example, when a user clicks on the "campus-events" link, they should be directed to a page titled "Campus Events."

  • Using these naming conventions will assist Google and other search engines with indexing your pages. The visitor can also navigate easily through the site.

Naming binary files (PDF, Word, etc.)

  • Use lowercase letters, hyphens and underscores. No spaces. Users will receive an error when attempting to upload/rename a file with capital letters or spaces.
  • Files are to be uploaded into the correct files folder within the department directory. Attempting to upload into the incorrect folder will result in an error message.
  • Updated files should REPLACE the current file when at all possible. Any old files no longer linked to pages on the server should be deleted to prevent search engines from indexing old content.


  • YES: http://www.uttyler.edu/financialaid/files/application-for-appeal.pdf
  • NO: http://www.uttyler.edu/nursing/1002app-appeal.pdf
    • NOTE: Old binary files should be deleted from the server in OU Campus.

IMPORTANT: It is best to work with the UT Tyler Web team before moving a file or directory. Moving content could effect important links on the UT Tyler Web server and search engine optimization.

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