UT Tyler Web Publishing Standards

Links, File Names and Email Naming Standards


Use a call to action link when you ask a user to click on a hyperlink. Avoid URL links and language like "Click on this link" OR "Click Here" as they work against scannability and usability. For accessibility, make links as descriptive as possible, limiting them to words that explain the content on the linked page.



NOTE: Users do not need to be instructed where to click.

Avoid using button graphics.


Use "call-to-action" links.

Open new windows and tabs ONLY when necessary. According to W3C standards, all links and tabs are to open in the same window unless necessary (i.e. online secure form.) For example, PDF files should open in the SAME window.

File Names

File names and directories must contain lower-case letters, no spaces, no symbols. Hyphens are appropriate for separating words. It is always best to spell out wording in URLs when possible for search engine purposes. For best possible SEO, avoid repeating words in the URL.

Correct: www.uttyler.edu/businessaffairs/about.php
Incorrect: www.uttyler.edu/Businessaffairs/About Us.php

Correct: www.uttyler.edu/academics/undergraduate-majors/accounting-degree.php
Incorrect: www.uttyler.edu/academics/undrgrad/acct degree.php

Correct: www.uttyler.edu/admissions/apply/index.php
Incorrect: www.uttyler.edu/admissions/admissionsapply/apply.php


Always rename a file and replace it. NEVER put a new file up with a different name that is used for the same information. Instead, replace the file with the same name.

Example of bad file name: "university_committies2011_revised0001.pdf"

Example of correct file name: "university-committies.pdf.

Each time the file needs to be replaced, ovewrite the file. NEVER upload a new file with a new name and update the link.

Using extra information such as dates in the file name should NEVER be used.

For more information, see Creating and Optimizing PDFs.

Contact Information

All official university web pages must include contact information including Department name, phone number and department contact email.

Phone Number:

The appropriate style for phone number is to use periods instead of dashes:

Correct: 903.566.7203 Incorrect: (903) 566-7203

Contact Email for Departments:

The correct contact email for department webpages:

Correct: housing@uttyler.edu Incorrect: jsmith@uttyler.edu

Using personal UT Tyler email addresses within the department template is not permitted.

Please request a department email through itsupport@uttyler.edu

For best practices, please have department emails send to at least two users in the department.

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