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College of Arts & Sciences

Giving Opportunities

The generosity of our alumni, faculty and friends is essential to maintaining our traditional areas of excellence and to developing new areas of research and ways of teaching for the 21st century.

Your generosity contributes to several initiatives that would not be possible through conventional state or federal funding sources -- professorships, scholarships, innovative research and teaching, special centers and institutes, and building projects.

People give to the College of Arts and Science for many reasons. The gift may honor the memory of a loved one who had a particular interest in an area related to the arts and sciences. In some cases, the gift is made to honor an inspirational faculty or staff member. In others, the gift may reflect appreciation for the importance of a liberal arts education or a recognition of the significance of a particular line of research or teaching. Whatever the reason for giving, however, such gifts become a lasting contribution to the college, its students, and by extension to larger society.

The college works closely with the professional development staff of the University of Texas at Tyler in the adv to determine priorities and to match donor interests to college needs.

For additional information on giving to the college, please contact:

Susan Rossman, Executive Director - Corporate and Foundation Relations for University Advancement
The University of Texas at Tyler
Telephone: 903.566.7047