Our Mission

UT Tyler School of Performing Arts

The School of Performing Arts provides academic programs that serve our students through professional preparation and general learning, that serve our faculty and staff through professional career achievement and fulfillment, and that serve the greater university community through access to the artistic process.

The School of Performing Arts serves the University's mission by:

  • Training professionally-oriented students in the nature, history, structure, language and application of music

  • Providing coursework and experiences that enhance the education of university students from other disciplines, but who desire to be articulate, responsive and knowledgeable about the nature, history, structure, language and application of music

  • Helping students develop the tools of creative expression, analysis, problem-solving and communication

  • Serving as an artistic center and resource for Tyler and the surrounding communities

The University of Texas at Tyler's music faculty, staff, and students are an energetic and focused group--rehearsing, practicing, performing, studying, teaching, traveling, and challenging themselves to high standards of excellence. Our teacher-student ratio is kept low to ensure that students and faculty mentors have abundant opportunities to interact. The faculty of artist-teachers work toward helping each music major and music minor to be the best musician possible, through challenging, engaging course work, applied study, solo and ensemble performance, practical experience and a variety of recital and concert opportunities.

The University of Texas at Tyler is an All-Steinway school and an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Music.

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