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Travel Study Opportunities

2017 Israel Study Tour

The Israel Study Tour will be offered during spring break for three or six semester credit hours. Credit hours can be earned in economics, criminal justice or political science at the undergraduate or graduate level.

Travel Study Courses

Generally, these courses are taught during the summer, and students attend on-campus class sessions in advance.

Courses may involve traveling as a group for a period of two or three weeks, or staying at one location on a foreign campus or in private homes. In all cases, students visit historical and cultural sights, study or conduct research in areas of their specialty, and meet with residents of the countries they are visiting.

Overseas programs are designed to appeal to all types of students and are directed by faculty with expertise in the field of study being offered and in-depth knowledge of the country in which the program takes place.

In recent years, the UT Tyler Department of History has offered travel courses on the History of London, Cradles of Russian Civilization, World War II in Europe and Cradles of Chinese Civilization. Theatre courses have usually coupled a visit to London with visits to Italy or Scotland. English as a Second Language courses, designed especially for teachers seeking ESL endorsement, have been based in Mexico.

Other UT Tyler programs that sponsor travel study trips include anthropology, art and literature and languages. Look for information posted around campus, or contact the programs to find out more about their travel study opportunities.

Overseas study courses offer six credit hours of graduate or undergraduate credit and can be used for degree requirements or professional development. Participants are responsible for paying all costs related to travel in addition to tuition and fees. However, students may apply for International Studies grants that cover a portion of the cost of tuition and fees. Those wishing to participate in a summer course should apply by Feb. 15 by contacting the instructor.