UT Tyler Electrical Engineering Graduate Degree, Degree Requirements Master Program

Degree Requirements - Master of Science in Electrical Engineering

UT Tyler Department of Electrical Engineering

There are three options to earning the Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (MSEE): (1) Thesis option, (2) Non-thesis option and (3) BSEE/MSEE Straight-through option

To graduate the student must earn at least a 3.0 grade point average on all course work attempted toward the MSEE degree, while enrolled in the MSEE program, with the exception of courses from which the student has withdrawn and courses subsequently retaken for grade replacement. Courses not recognized under the MSEE degree plan and transfer courses are not counted in the computation of GPA. No more than three credit hours each, of independent study courses, graduate internship or graduate project (EENG 5393), may be applied towards the degree. The program options and additional degree requirements are as follows:

Thesis Option (30 SCH): Students must successfully complete at least 24 semester credit hours of graduate coursework, successfully complete at least six credit hours of graduate thesis research (EENG 5395 and EENG 5396), successfully prepare a research thesis, and pass a final oral examination that is primarily focused on the research thesis but may also address coursework. The final examination will be administered by the student’s graduate academic committee. The coursework requirements are 15 credits in core electrical engineering subjects, 3 credits in advanced mathematics, and 6 credits of approved electives. This program option is intended primarily for students who wish to conduct research and expand electrical engineering knowledge. Students considering a doctoral program in engineering are strongly encouraged to pursue the thesis option.

Non-Thesis Option (30 SCH): Students must successfully complete at least 30 semester credit hours of graduate coursework. The coursework requirements are 21 credits in core electrical engineering subjects, 3 credits in advanced mathematics, and 6 credits of approved electives. This degree option is intended primarily for students in practice who want to enhance their technical skills.

BSEE / MSEE Straight-through option (30 SCH):  This option is available only to UT-Tyler undergraduate students. This option is intended as a “straight-through” BSEE-MSEE program; students must go directly from the BSEE program into the MSEE program and complete the MSEE portion of the program without interruption. Students will be provisionally admitted to and must start the straight-through program in the fall of their senior year.  Students will be fully admitted upon satisfactory completion of all BSEE graduation requirements and the MSEE program admission requirements. Students admitted into the program are allowed to take nine credits of graduate course work during their senior year. Students admitted into the program must also take one credit of undergraduate research seminar (EENG 4105). Graduate course work successfully completed during senior year may be counted toward the technical-elective requirements of the BSEE degree. Students must obtain a grade of B or higher in all graduate courses attempted during their senior year. Students must satisfy the coursework requirements for either the Thesis Option or the Non-Thesis Option. Students who do not satisfy the above conditions will not be allowed to continue in the BSEE/MSEE straight-through program.

A specific degree plan will be developed and approved by the graduate coordinator for the student's department. The graduate coordinator will act as advisor of record for all MSEE students until a thesis committee chair is selected by the student. Students with inadequate undergraduate preparation may be required to take additional undergraduate courses to mitigate the deficiencies. It is recommended that students without approved degree plans consult the graduate coordinator regarding their academic background and preparation before enrolling in a specific graduate engineering course.

Thesis Guidelines

The MSEE thesis is a faculty directed independent study of an engineering problem, subject or research topic relevant to the student's current or anticipated career field. A professional quality thesis is required. A student may not begin work on the thesis before completing nine credit hours of approved course work. After starting the project, students must register for at least three credit hours of the Thesis I course each semester until the project is completed and approved. A minimum of six credit hours of thesis is required to complete the MSEE degree.

The Thesis Committee

A chairperson from the faculty of the College of Engineering will direct the student's thesis. The student's graduate committee will consist of two faculty members from the college in addition to the chair (a committee member from another college may be appointed if approved by the thesis committee chair). The student will make a professional oral presentation of the project. The student's committee, the program graduate coordinator, and the college dean must approve the final thesis. Download and complete the Appointment of Thesis Committee Form.

The Thesis Document

  • Although a thesis may be undertaken as part of a student's work for a company, the project must not contain any confidential material. All projects are public property.
  • The MSEE thesis document shall follow The University of Texas at Tyler Thesis Guidelines for general formatting issues. Specific pages that must conform to the guidelines are: a) title page; b) signature page; c) abstract. Departure from the thesis guidelines will be allowed as dictated by the nature of the project and as approved by the project committee chair.
  • Figures in the project document (diagrams, sketches, renderings, data graphs, etc.) are required in both the project write-up and presentation to show concepts. All figures in the project document are to be computer generated and must be of high quality. Some manual sketches may be included in an appendix if appropriate and approved by the committee chair.
  • All equations and formulas in the project document must be computer generated. If some particular claim is being made in the report that can be substantiated by a calculation, the calculation must be in the document. Manual calculations may be included in an appendix if appropriate and approved by the committee chair.
  • All references must be cited somewhere in the thesis. All references must be listed in a section called "References." Background literature that is not cited in the report must be listed in a section called "Bibliography."
  • The student is responsible for the quality of the thesis including technical content, grammar, spelling and proper format.
  • The committee chair will approve the thesis before copies are given to the committee for review.

The Thesis Presentation

  • A formal oral presentation of the MSEE thesis is required. At a minimum, all members of the project committee must be present. In the event that a committee member cannot attend, a replacement member must be appointed before the presentation. Interested faculty and students are welcome to attend the presentation.
  • The presentation shall be scheduled no later than two weeks before the end of the semester. Download and complete the Thesis Research Presentation Announcement.
  • The committee members shall be given a copy of the thesis no later than one week before the scheduled presentation.
  • Committee members should mark suggested changes or corrections on the thesis. The student will be responsible for making all required changes before final submission of the thesis.
  • Maximum time for the presentation, before questions, is 30 minutes.
  • There must be no material in the final presentation that is unrelated to the project.
  • After the presentation and the question period, all students and guests shall leave the room while the committee members discuss the acceptability of the project. The committee chair will inform the candidate of the committee's decision. At this point it is expected that the decision will either be to sign the signature page that day, or to require a re-submission of the project document before signing.
  • In the event of a re-submission the committee will agree on a list of deficiencies that the student must correct. The student will be provided with the list, and will have no more than one week to make all the required changes. The revised thesis must be accepted by the committee in order for the student to graduate that semester.