Procurement Services

The University of Texas at Tyler

The Department of Procurement Services facilitates the procurement of needed goods and services for the University.

The procurement staff have been delegated the authority to solicit bids and make awards to meet the needs of the end user, while ensuring that the procurement meets best value criteria, complies with the university’s HUB policies, conforms to standards of ethical conduct, and complies with all applicable laws, rules and regulations.

University departments may process orders up to $14,999. The procurement office processes orders in excess of $14,999.

Procurement Procedures Manual




Purchases from People with Disabilities

State statute requires UT Tyler to purchase goods or services available through the State Use Program from vendors in this program which includes WorkQuest (formerly TIBH) unless certain exceptions are met (see Procurement Procedures Manual).  Many goods are available in the online catalog including but not limited to: consumable office supplies, consumable non-office supplies, furniture, and equipment.

WorkQuest goods and services can be accessed via their website:

UT Share eSHOP

The electronic "e-procurement" tool integrated with the current UT Share/PeopleSoft® system is called UT Share eSHOP. Training materials for the eSHOP system may be found on the Financial Services Training Resources web page.  All UT Tyler users of the eSHOP system will use his or her network User ID and password to access eSHOP.

You may use this link to UT Share eSHOP to select items as a "Shopper".

Administrative assistants and other support staff assigned security roles to enter and process UT Share/PeopleSoft requisitions may enter eSHOP through UT Share/PeopleSoft®.

Purchase and Contract Transparency Report

Contract Management Handbook


Procurement Card


Voyager Credit Card Program


Computers and Computer Equipment

Summus Industries/Dell is available in eSHOP punchout for purchases of pre-approved desktop and laptop computers and accessories.  All other purchase requests must go through IT.  Email with computer equipment specifications.  Follow this link for more information on Standard Computer Devices.



Texas Risk Authorization Management Program (TX-RAMP) provides a standardized approach for cloud computing services that process data for state agencies.  University departments looking to procure these type services should follow link to Information Security Office TX-RAMP website for more information.


Terms & Conditions of Orders (Requires Acrobat Reader)

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