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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get access to Omni CMS to update my website?

    If you are needing access to update content with Omni CMS, please have the website owner (department head) contact the Web team. We will need the URL(s) of the site you need access to. New users are required to attend basic training for Omni CMS.

  • What if my password doesn't work, or I forgot it?

    To log in to Omni CMS you will use your email address and password used to check email and log in to your computer. You can change your password by visiting the IT Support webpage. The Web Team can no longer assist with password updates. Visit the Omni CMS Login Page for more information. 

  • Where do I find help for Omni CMS?

    Topics for Omni CMS help are available by using the drop-down sections for each topic on this left-side menu bar. You can also go to the Complete Omni CMS Reference Guide for all help files available for UT Tyler.

  • I can't figure out how to edit my left-side menu bar. Where's the edit button?

    On the previous site, there was a button to open the menu bar. This version does not have a button. To edit the left-side menu bar, select "Content" at the top of the page, then open the "Includes" folder. You can now edit the "sub-nav.pcf" file. 

    How to edit the left-side menu bar

  • In the past, I had access to edit the subheadings on the page, but I can't find a way to edit them. How do I edit sub-headings at the top of each page?

    To edit the heading and sub-heading for each page, you need to select the "Properties" button at the top of your Omni CMS editor.

  • How do I edit a faculty page? The pages were previously located in my "faculty" folder, but are no longer there.

    The faculty pages are now set up in a folder called "directory". To edit a faculty page, navigate to the faculty page in your browser.  For example:

  • Who edits the image rotator and/or the template layout?

    Some users can be set up to edit the image rotator and/or the layout of your webpage. If you are an experienced Omni CMS user, contact the Web team regarding access to the template settings.