English Major & English Minor


UT Tyler Department of Literature and Languages

Career Opportunities for English Majors and Minors.

As a college graduate in English, you will be a great writer on all occasions; you will become a critical reader who can identify, articulate, and analyze problems. With an English degree from UT Tyler, your career choices are abundant. For example:

  • You can work for businesses that need college graduates with mature writing and analytical skills;
  • You can join college administrative personnel; • You can move on to law school (Students’ testimonies);
  • You can move on to advanced English programs and teach in college;
  • You can move on to advanced non-English programs to become professors or researchers;
  • You can work as an editor for publishers, magazines, or media;
  • You can work as a school teacher;
  • You can work for the federal or state government; and more...