Foreign Language, French Course Descriptions

Foreign Languages

French Course Descriptions

FREN 1401: Beginning French I [TCCN: FREN 1311, 1411, or 1511]
Designed for those students who have minimal or no experience with the language, this course introduces the skills of reading, writing and pronouncing French. These skills are supported by grammatical exercises and oral practice. The course also includes an introduction to French history and culture.

FREN 1402: Beginning French II [TCCN: FREN 1312, 1412, or 1512]
More advanced study and use of oral expression and writing. Prerequisite: FREN 1401 or CI.

FREN 2301: Intermediate French I [TCCN: FREN 2311]
An intermediate reading course in French. Designed to strengthen students’ grammar, vocabulary, and skills in reading and translation. Prerequisite: FREN 1402 or CI.

FREN 2302: Intermediate French II [TCCN: FREN 2312]
Readings in Prose and Poetry with continued grammar study. Prerequisite: FREN 2301 CI.

FREN 3315: Advanced Grammar and Composition
Detailed study of French grammar, with regular assignments in composition. Course taught in French. Prerequisites: FREN 2302 or CI.

FREN 3320: Major French Writers
Readings in selected masterpieces of French literature. May be repeated once for credit when content changes. Course taught in French. Prerequisites: FREN 2302 or CI.

FREN 4199-4699: Independent Study
Independent study in specific areas of French language or literature not covered by organized undergraduate courses. A maximum of six credit hours may be applied toward an undergraduate degree. Prerequisite: Consent of department chair.

FREN 1611: Accelerated French I
Designed for students having no exposure to French, this course offers 6 credit hours and is equivalent to the first 2 Beginning French semesters. Speaking, listening, writing and reading skills are emphasized with a focus on the French grammar and acquisition of vocabulary.

FREN 2611: Accelerated French II
Designed for students who have completed at least 6 hours of French or who have an equivalent competence in French language. This course is accelerated, reviews the entire French grammar seen during the first year of French and builds up vocabulary, conversation skills, reading and writing skills.